Exclusivity is one of the most important ingredients to a successful fundraiser, and with that in mind, American Fundraising Group is proud to offer (3) new product lines for 2023-2024:  American Made, Smoky Mountain Gourmet Cookie Dough and Smoky Mountain Favorites.  All of our programs have been exclusively designed by AFG, are 100% Made in the USA, and are fulfilled directly from our corporate facility in Johnson City, Tennessee.

American Made

American Fundraising Group is proud to announce the release of our newest custom program, American Made! This exclusive 60-Item food shopper was specifically developed for AFG to parallel fundraising trends as well as National sentiment in Fall 2021.  Consequently, American Made received overwhelming feedback, representing over 90% of last year's bookings.  That loyal groundswell of support has since repeated for year two of this line, as we project even stronger results for Fall 2023!  This eye-popping program is a combination of our (4) main food lines, wrapped into a gorgeous 20-page brochure, highlighted with our Statue of Liberty cover! Every single item contained within is a top-selling product, and proudly made in the USA!

Smoky Mountain Gourmet Cookie Dough

Our exclusive 6-item Cookie Dough brochure continues its’ dominant role as our flagship program. Without a doubt, our “Smoky Mountain Gourmet Cookie Dough” line continues to be one of the top-producing program in our portfolio. from Chocolate Chunk to White Macadamia, people simply love the product! There is also greater customer satisfaction with edible products vs. hard goods, and this particular line has proven time & time again to produce much larger sales numbers than with catalogue sales. In tough economic times, people still buy food products, and our cookie dough is a prime example of consumers getting more value for their dollar.

Smoky Mountain Favorites

With the fundraising industry moving further away from hard goods and more swiftly towards edible lines, our 8th year edition of Smoky Mountain Favorites is quickly solidifying itself as a crowd favorite! This exclusive 27-item designer line is a sweet tooth connoisseur’s delight, with gourmet chocolates from Ashdon Farms, hearty appetizers and delicious desserts from Homemade Gourmet, along with local favorites from Virginia Diner, the highest quality peanut line in the industry! This program saw a dramatic increase in bookings as well as boasted the largest percentage increase in volume of any line for AFG in 2019-20, and therefore we feel it is destined for greatness within our program offerings. One thing for sure: Smoky Mountain Favorites will most certainly tempt the taste buds of your customers and put dollars in your group’s pockets

Online Webstore

American Fundraising Group is pleased to announce the return of our 4th-year Webstore in Fall 2023.  Fall 2021 was a pleasant surprise, with 31% of our sales being generated from our new Webstore!  We anticipate the convenience of shopping online will continue to drive that percentage even higher this Fall.  And, with the onset of online growth in the foreseeable future, our new webstore now gives customers the flexibility of either placing a traditional paper order with the student or purchasing online. Students will provide customers with a unique link so they can browse from over 100 items, purchase with their credit card and have shipped either to their home or school, while still earning credit for all sales.

Spring 2024


For Spring 2024, American Fundraising Group is proud to partner with Wish Farms in Plant City, FL to bring their delicious fresh Strawberries to our region straight from the farm to your table! This new 4-lb Specialty Box is much easier for schools to handle, and offers a completely different type of product into the local fundraising market. Wish Farms has been growing berries since 1904 and American Fundraising Group is proud to offer their fresh Strawberries for Spring 2024. The selling season for Strawberries will be January & February, with deliveries being the last week of February thru mid-March. Why not try something different this Spring? Sell some Strawberries!

Yard Signs

Drive customers to our new Webstore with these colorful new Yard Signs! Best used when strategically placed along the car pick-up line and in front of the school! Use with our other marketing materials including In-school Posters, FatHeads and Daily Drawing Plush Characters to stimulate activity during the sale!

Book a Fundraiser

If you would like to book a fundraiser at your school we have a simple online form you can fill out. After you fill it out an AFG representative will contact you soon.